Ranahan's Sparkling Shiraz

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Pearls have aroused passion, desire and fascination from all ends of the earth since the beginning of time. For us at Ranahan’s, The Pyrenees are more than just a mountain range. They’re nature at their most pristine. ‘The Pearl’ pays homage to the Pyrenees and, much like a pearl itself, symbolizes unblemished perfection, modesty and purity.

With a touch of sparkle and the dazzling scents of black fruits, strawberries and chocolate, infused with hints of oak, our Sparkling Shiraz makes for the perfect partner for any special occasion.

Bottle fermented on lees, this vibrant crimson and purple take on a classic is complex, yet refreshing. Flavours of berries, mushrooms, spice and cherries pass over the pallet, keeping it rounded up front. This is followed by a long, clean and fresh finish. One that will make any occasion special.